Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to Write: Foreshadowing is Harder

Whoa, okay, I think...I think I'm back...

Sorry I'm a day late on this week's post, Internet. One of my hard drives has started dying and I had to scramble and reformat to try and eek as much life out of it as possible. Between that and school I unfortunately couldn't write anything meaningful without that awful, awful blue screen. I still have nightmares. The problem still persists but I think I've kicked enough life back into the old girl to keep things groovy for a while. Still, I'm a man who hates missing deadlines so to make it up to you guys, I'll also be posting a SSSBP this weekend. Yay for you!

On the subject of school; I started school this week! It was partially the reason why this post is happening a day later rather than just later in the day. I'm almost stupidly excited for the semester because I'm at a shiny new college and finally up to a level where I can focus on my major and do actual literature stuff instead know; everything besides my major. It also benefits you guys directly because while I'll have less time to myself, I'll get a whole new set of ideas for blog content; something I'll openly admit I'm on the cusp of running out of. It's the heaviest reading list I've ever had with the most written work and I'm apparently a masochist because I can't wait to dive right in.

My reading list with a 5" Mega Man action figure for reference. Yes, I have a Mega Man action figure. I also have a complimentary Rush action figure.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tom Will Never Be Good at Art: WTF is Dysgraphia, Anyways?

Internet; It's 4:15 and I'm just now starting this week's post. It's not because I've been working on other projects or I struggled to find inspiration, no. It's because I rediscovered Mega Man games and am currently in the throes of a huge retro game kick. It all started when my sister and I decided to try and beat the original Mega Man together. We had a blast because It really is a genuinely well-designed game; a fact that sometimes gets lost over the years of unblinking fanboy worship. This lead to me remembering that I had a longstanding nemesis in Mega Man X, which had sent me packing in the intro stage every single time as a kid, so of course I had to try it again. Now I'm browsing sites for some of the more obscure NES classics because oh my God guys; I forgot how good these games were. Expect this latest obsession to manifest into a SSSBP at some point in the future, though I couldn't tell you exactly what yet. It's a secret. Even to me.

No. No, we are not making that joke. Everyone has made that joke and we are not aw shit we just did.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Super Special Saturday Bonus Post #5 Misogyny and Geeks Revisited: A Closer Look at Why

Well Internet, I'm still sick. I'm on the tail end of it; the sore throat and other general "Not getting out of bed" symptoms have gone away, but I've pretty much forgotten what it feels like to breathe through my nose, though I have gotten relatively well acquainted with what my sinuses feel like as they bang mercilessly against my pain receptors. No worries though, I have drugs. Yay drugs! Nothing like something to help you ignore all of your problems until they go away or you die.

Six decongestants later...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to Write: Developing Characters is Really Hard

Hey there, Internet. You may have noticed that last week I promised a Super Special Saturday Bonus Post and then, come Saturday, there was no Super Special Saturday Bonus Post there for your general consumption and for that I am very sorry. Seriously, what is it with me and missing deadlines recently? Six months on time almost every week then BOOM! Three missed deadlines in the same four weeks. This is just not my summer, I guess. The reason I missed this weekend was because of a suddenly-announced trip to Louisiana wherin I was occupied for pretty much the entire time, but at the end of the day, I really only have myself to blame. If it makes you feel any better, I'm currently suffering from some kind of bacterial sickness and my bedroom feels about three times hotter than it normally does (which is pretty hot), so I take that as punishment.

Thank you, NPH, for giving me the inspiration to continue busting out content like a mad boss, despite my illness. You are a saint and also a gay man so maybe not so much a saint. A really cool guy for sure though.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Lost Gems of Gaming: Hidden Treasures we all Forgot

Well hello there, Internet! Stay a while and listen! I've never actually played that game but I figure if I make enough references, people will find me funny! Narf!

This week I get to do something I now wish I'd done forever ago; share part of my game collection with you guys as we talk about great, good, or otherwise interesting games that might have slipped under your radar. If you don't like games then I'm sorry; between this article and the Super Special Saturday Bonus Post this weekend about Geekdom and Misogyny, it's just not your week.

Ooh, did I mention that? I'm doing a Super Special Saturday Bonus Post this week! Tell your friends! Get excited! Maybe do a little dance! Then come back this Saturday to read all about it. I think this is also the first time I've announced the topic of a SSSBP before actually posting it, so that's fun. You're welcome. Sneak peaks all around!

Under Review asks you to always sneak peeks responsibly.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Breaking Down the Bat: The Appeal of the Caped Crusader and Dynamic Duo

I won't lie to you, Internet. I struggled with this week's topic. Like really struggled. Like it was 4AM on the night before I was supposed to write this before I finally figured out what I was going to write. It's not like I wasn't trying to work it out all week, either; this one seriously evaded me.

But it's here now. Right in Front of you. And damnit, I'm proud of it. I'm not even going to do some bullshit about "here's some cool links I found this week" or something like that, I'm just going to jump straight the hell into it because this demands your attention. First though; Batman hates Ice Cream.

Just...thought that was worth mentioning.