Thursday, September 27, 2012

Man of Paper: Why We Care About Superman at All

Here we are once again, Internet. Now that paper season is starting to get underway, I think I'm finally starting to hit my groove with this semester so with any luck this will be the latest post I make for a while. Right now I'm going through a bunch of really awesome classics that my school wasn't cool enough to make me read and a few others that I'm kinda meh on but still should probably have read just for the sake of knowing them. All-in-all it's a pretty good time. I'm feeling like I can start feeling justified for calling myself a Literature Major, a thing that was really hard to do a year or two ago when most, if not all, of my classes had nothing to do with my major. Some of you could probably relate to the feeling you get when you explain that yes, you're a [blank] major who has done absolutely nothing even kind of relating to your major that year. College is kind of whacky like that.

"Can't I just write you a five page essay on the sun as a metaphor?" --Me, one year ago

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Back From Vacation: Blog News, Future Topics,and Some Nifty Kickstarter/Greenlight games to Keep your Eyes On

Internet! I'm back from my vacation! It was great, I went to all these exciting places and met new people and had a life! The Dardenelles, mountains of Peru, all that shit! It was...haaaah, no. I mostly just spent the last week going to class, playing games and reading. Mostly reading. My combined workload has me reading the equivalent of about 3/4 of a paperback novel per week which really isn't too bad all things considered but I absolutely have to stay on top of that, especially with paper season right on my doorstep. Remember that big pile of books I showed you that one time? Turns out it was a few books (late additions plus downloaded readings) short. 

A degree in Graphic Design probably would have had less reading and been slightly more lucrative but I kinda like the way I do things now. It has a certain charm to it.

Friday, September 7, 2012

How to Literature: The $@#$ does 'Critical Reading' Mean Anyways?

Another week, another late post. Unexpected workloads and more impromptu computer repairs delayed the week's post by a day or two again and also stopped any attempt at writing the Saturday Bonus post dead in its tracks. The good news is that any computer problems are now completely solved for the foreseeable future; I gave CLIO a full cleanout and reassembly and that seemed to perk her right up. Now she's as good as she's ever been, though admittedly down one hard drive.

Yes, CLIO is my computer, Yes, I gave my comptuer a name; I built her from discounted parts off of Newegg and love. Yes, I refer to my computer as if it were a woman. DON'T JUDGE.

Just me and my lady chilling at homeohgodimsolonely.